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Verbier Library

Founded in 2001, the Verbier library is for residents and non-residents. The library contains a large collection of books and recent DVDs in French and English. There are more than a thousand members. Subscription is free for local residents and membres of the Friends of Verbier social club.

The Verbier library is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers serving their community.

The Bagnes municipality has made the Montfleury chalet available for the library, and the Friends of Verbier provide an annual budget of 6'000 CHF for the purchase of new books.

Every year the library buys 800 new books, with half provided as gifts. Older books are removed from circulation and given to the public.

Opening Times
Monday-Friday: 16:00 to 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 to 12:00

Lending terms

  • The library is free for Bagnes residents. The lending library has a chlidren's area.
  • Books given away for free to the public can been found on the window-sills of the Montfleury chalet.
  • The library is fee-paying for non-residents who are not members of the Friends of Verbier social club.
  • Annual subscription for members of the Friends of Verbier is 25 CHF per person and 40 CHF per couple, including children.
  • Tourists in the resort for a short period and seasonal workers can borrow books by leaving a 50 CHF deposit, returned once their last book or DVD is returned.

Contact people

Bibliothèque de Verbier
Chalet Montfleury
Route de Verbier Station 90
1936 Verbier
Phone : +41 27 771 11 01
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